Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reactions to G50 - Rockies at Astros

It's a walk-off! It's a walk-off.

"What I've got in my head is just try to be on base as much as I can. Right now, I'm really close to leading off. I'm really selective in the pitches to hit, I can wait for the pitch I want. I am really careful with what I do at the plate. "I've never been leading the league [in hitting], not even for one day," Tejada said. "Now, I'm really happy to be leading for a couple of days. But it's not something I'm looking for. Right now, I just want to see how much I can help the team win some ballgames.""

"He's off to a great start. That's the kind of player he's been his whole career. It's not really surprising. He's a great player."

Ubaldo (ha!) Jimenez:
"I know my fastball was there, but I was battling with control issues. I got runners on every single inning. My breaking ball was good, but they did a pretty good job against me."

Jim Tracy:
"This was a very tough game to lose. The way things are going for us offensively, tonight's game just illustrates it. We have no room for error. We had some chances to open this game up, but our pitchers had to be perfect."

"I think the team will take on Miguel’s spirit and energy. The emotion and spirit that he brings is great and strong.”

Ortiz, on Tejada:
“Coming here, I knew he was a good hitter. Man, he’s just seeing the ball great right now to hit .360-something. And he just keeps rising and rising. Obviously, that’s good for us. Hopefully something like today with him getting that big hit is something that can propel us forward.”

Back to Tejada:
“It’s really fun. When you have that, it makes you come to the park early to work and have a good game. I think right now we’re really feeling real good, especially when we win the games that we’ve won in a row.”

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