Monday, June 15, 2009

Off-Day Fun! Take the Astros County Citizenship Exam

1. Which Major League team were the Houston Buffaloes affiliated with from 1921-1958?

2. Which Houston judge was responsible for building the Astrodome?

3. Which Hall of Famer hit a single off of a speaker on the roof of the Astrodome?

4.Who hit the first home run in Astrodome history?

5. Which Astro was nicknamed the “Toy Cannon?”

6. Which Hall of Famer was responsible for teaching Joe Morgan his famous “arm-flap” batting stance?

7. Which Astro won five consecutive Gold Gloves – a club record?

8. Name the six pitchers who combined to throw the no-hitter at Yankee Stadium in June 2003.

9. Ten numbers have been retired in Astros history – who do they belong to?

10. Whose logo does Nolan Ryan wear on his cap in the Hall of Fame?

11. Who was the owner of the Houston Astros before Drayton McLane?

12. Who did the Astros trade in 1991 for catcher Eddie Taubensee?

13. Which former Astros manager became the sixth manager in Major League history to win the division in his first year?

14. Who is the only Astros pitcher to win the Silver Slugger?

15. The Astros set a club record on July 23, 2000 by hitting four home runs in an inning vs. the Cardinals (yay!). Who hit them?

16. Who hit the first Grand Slam at Minute Maid Park?

17. Who was the last Astro to hit three home runs in one game?

18. On June 28, 2007, Craig Biggio collected his 3000th hit. Which pitcher gave it up?

19. Craig Biggio is 5th on the all-time doubles list, with 668. Who did he pass at 665?

20. Who has the highest career batting average in Astros history?


Ty said...

Man...I'm screwed. Guess I'll turn in my card now...

The Constable. said...

Maybe "Off-Day Fun" was too sunny a title. Maybe it should read "Monday Work-Killer"

The Constable. said...

Oh, and I had to look up a TON of these...

Ryan Sides said...

Without cheating: I don't know most early ones because I'm not very old :)

5. Wynn (did I even spell his name right?)

7. I'm guessing Biggio, but I honestly don't know

8. Oswalt, Dotel, Lidge, Wagner... and I remember seeing the answer on trivia recently and it was 2 pitchers I had forgotten about. Maybe one of those lefties we had?

9. Umbricht, Nolan, Wynn, Biggio, Bagwell, Scott, I guess we'll count Robinson since his is retired by everyone... 7 of 10 is passing, right?

10. I'm thinking Rangers

13. Garner?

14. Hampton seems the logical choice, but who knows?

17. I have a gut feeling to say Derek Bell, but I have no idea why and it's probably wrong...

18. Pretty sure Aaron Cook

Ty said...

Ok. Also, no cheating:

1. Brooklyn Dodgers?
2. I should know this...
3. Terry Puhl? Something tells me he's in the Canadian Hall of Fame.
4. Someone I've never heard of.
5. Jimmy Wynn. Period.
6. No clue. How bout Jimmy Wynn
7. Biggio?
8. No, I won't do it.
9. Nolan, Bagwell, Puhl, Biggio, Cruz, Scott, Wynn, Davis?, Never would have thought of Robinson, but good call, and of course, Phil Nevin. Actually, how bout good ol' DK?
10. Rangers. Sell out. :)
11. I'll never recall.
12. Did they get or give? I'll guess they gave Schilling. Fools.
13. Larry Dierker
14. Hampton.
15. Bags, Biggio, Berkman, and Ausmus since he never hits HRs.
16. Tony Eusebio, of course.
17. Bobby Abreu
18. Roger Clemens
19. Joe Morgan
20. Cruuuuuuuz

The Constable. said...

Answers tomorrow...

jphelps said...

6.Nellie fox
7.I think Biggio won 4, so IDK?
13.Garner won it in his first full year.

Seth said...

I decided to do the best I can without looking them up.

2. Is it Blaylock or was he a sheriff?

5. Jimmy Wynn

6. Oswalt?, Lidge, Dotel, Springer, Wagner, and __________

9. Biggio, Bagwell, Ryan, Cruz, Dierker, Wynn,.....?

12. Biggio?

13. Phil Garner

14. Mike Hampton

15. Total Guess, Bagwell, Bell, Biggio, ...?

18. Manny Corpas?

I give up.