Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Notes: Ortiz, Matsui

Kaz Matsui will begin a four-game rehab assignment with Corpus Christi tonight (that means Hooks fans will see Valverde and Matsui!) and could be activated from the DL in time for next week's interleague series with the Rangers.

Matsui looked very, very good today. I just had a discussion and he’s totally on board with this, he’s going to go to Corpus. He will play (today). He’ll play Thursday, play Friday and Saturday. And then we’ll look to activate him Tuesday when we go to Arlington. He looked very good. He started out a little slow as far as his running is concerned. I’m sure he was a little apprehensive. But once he got warm he ran pretty well.”

And don't start thinking that this is just delaying the point of who will be 2B1 once Matsui is back at what some would consider full-strength...

Coop, again: “When that time comes, Maysonet has done a terrific job and so has Matt Kata, but Matsui is our guy. He’s been our guy all along. (Jeff) Keppinger is also one of our main players. We’ll have to make a tough decision when that time comes.”

This is Jack's Complete Lack of Amusement.


And Geary could be back soon, too, meaning that someone's heading back to the Hill Country...

“Geary threw the ball well. It was probably the best time out on the hill from a simulated standpoint. We’re going to talk to (general manager) Ed (Wade) a little bit and see when we can get him activated. He did look really sharp today."

"I'm getting behind the ball and I’m throwing it more effectively than I was before.


Paulino and his groin will be out for Saturday's game, and who will be starting? It ain't gonna be Backe.

Russ Ortiz, come on down! He'll be making his first start since May 7.

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