Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Norris awaits his turn

Almost on cue, after yesterday's posting about whether or not Norris should be called up, the Chronicle runs an article about young pitchers awaiting their turn with the Big Club.

“I heard that Norris had good stuff, and hopefully he can put it together and get here to stay. It seems like this organization was turning it around when we had a great minor league system, and everybody started getting up here, and we started winning. That’s why in ’04 and ’05 we went to the playoffs and World Series. You had talent come through your organization to get here and help.”

Pitching coach Dewey Robinson:
“If he’s going to be a starter here, it’s really difficult to do it with two pitches. Adding that third pitch is a key. And with Bud, for me it’s always been about keeping your emotions under control. We saw some of that in spring training, and that just comes with maturity, experience and being in the situation and starting to have confidence in yourself.”

“Game management is a key for me, and I’ve talked a lot with Burt about it. He sees little things that sometimes I might not see. You got to wait for when the time is right. Whenever they think the time is right for me, I’ll be more than happy to help.”

Then, this:
Paulino will throw a simulated game today, and he is a candidate to start Saturday against the Detroit Tigers if Backe doesn’t get the nod or Norris doesn’t get a call.

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