Thursday, June 4, 2009

McTaggart runs down the Astros' draft goals

McTaggart runs down Bobby Heck's thought process heading into the draft...

"After last year's Draft we feel good about the quality of depth we have, but there are a lot of areas that need to be addressed and upgraded. Along those lines, my approach is the same as last year. We need to add depth. We're not in position to address needs yet. We need to stack up another class like we did last year. We'd maybe be reluctant to pick a catcher high in the Draft because of what we added last year. We see Jason Castro as a fast-track guy. From that standpoint, we might not invest in a catcher. But we need to keep adding a lot of talent everywhere."

The Astros took a balance of high school and college players last year, but have been more inclined to take high school pitchers in recent years. That's not to say the Astros won't take a blue-chip college player if one falls in their lap, but they would like to get as many young arms in their system as they can.

Startling stat of the draft:
0: the number of Major Leaguers the last three drafts have produced.

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