Monday, June 29, 2009

Matchup for G74 - Astros @ Padres

Late game tonight, in which Roy Oswalt tries to beat Josh Geer to extend the Astros' 2009 winning streak over the Padres to four games. The Padres came to town in May, and left without a win in the three game series.

The Padres are 33-41, 5-10 over their last 15 games, 14 games back of the Dodgers, and just took two of three from the Rangers in Arlington. Heath Bell has converted 20 of 21 save opportunities.

The Astros are 35-38, are 8-7 over their last 15 games, are four games back of the NL Central lead, and the bullpen has 13 losses.

Incidentally, this is a rematch of G31 that the Astros won 12-5. Oswalt went 6IP and got his first win of the season.

Let's revisit, shall we, that game?

Astros vs. Geer:
Matsui: Single, Flyout to LF, HBP (SB)
Bourn: Groundout to 2nd, GO to SS, Single to LF
Pence: GO to SS, GO to SS, Walk
Lee: RBI single to LF, Walk
Tejada: HR to LF, 2-run single to LF
Erstad: Single to 2B, GO to 2B
Pudge: Walk, Single to LF
Keppinger: GO to SS, GIDP

Padres vs. Oswalt:
Gerut: Flyout to LF, Flyout to CF, swinging K
Eckstein: GO to C, HBP, (Rodriguez batting - Single to RF)
Gonzalez: Popup to 3B, Flyball to CF, 2-run HR to LF
Headley: Single to CF, HR to RF, swinging K
Hairston: GIDP, Double to LF, Flyout to CF
Kouzmanoff: GO to 2B, swinging K (Giles batting - Single to RF)
Hundley: Walk, looking K, Walk
Burke: Flyout to CF, Popout to 2B, Popup to SS

So the Padres got Roy for six hits - three of them for extra-bases, two of those for homers.
Left side: Five
Up the middle: Eight
Right side: Three

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