Sunday, June 21, 2009

If this makes sense to you, please share, so we can all know

As previously mentioned, Wandy was almost a late scratch because of getting drilled by a Darin Erstad liner in the side.

Allow me to recreate the scenario for you, courtesy of the Chronicle:

"(Rodriguez) escaped serious harm Saturday because Alberto Arias screamed at him at the last second to duck from the line drive heading to his head."
1. Arias probably screamed out of a flashback to when he got plunked in the coconut.

2. In what position do you duck to avoid getting drilled in the head, and take it in the ribs?

Post your scenarios now!

Note: Alberto Arias was awarded a Man of the Match.

1 comment:

Ty said...

Magic Wand-y might have been doing a handstand...

Or, it hit him in the ribs because he was trying to protect his calf. He had heard from other pitchers that could lead to some serious DL stints.

Or, more likely, he was putting on display his 48" vertical jump. Nearly to the peak of said jump, it was going for his noggin, but he kept going, thus hitting him in the ribs.