Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hope? Where we're going we don't need hope

Not like we're all giddy about this team, anyway, but the Houston Press takes that a step further - albeit with some pretty good points:

The team has a couple of big problems that need to be solved before any hope of the playoffs can even begin being discussed. The team needs to start winning at home. After last night, the Astros are 16-20 at Minute Maid Park, and teams that don't have winning records at home don't make the playoffs. Their 16-17 record on the road is actually pretty damn good, but if they don't figure out how to win at home, forget about the playoffs.

Then there's the fact that dead weight like Kazuo Matsui and Jason Michaels are getting consistent playing time. Edwin Maysonet may be nothing more than a career minor-leaguer who will ultimately prove to be nothing, but Maysonet is currently hitting better than Matsui, and he plays a better defense, all without the fear that the guy's going to sneeze and go back on the disabled list for the next month.

Read the whole thing.

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