Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Astros release Geary, and he's maaaaad.

So the Astors just pulled a little bit of a stunner.

Geoff Geary was eligible to come off the DL today. He threw some simulated games at Minute Maid Park, instead of undertaking the tedium of going on a minor-league rehab start. Feeling better, apparently, and then boom! Ed Wade released him.

"We reinstated him from the DL and assigned him outright to AAA. He can either accept the assignment or take his free agency."


"It's out of my control. It's their decision and I can't do much about it. Am I frustrated? Yes. Am I caught off guard? Yes. My first concern was to call my wife and tell her she didn't need to come to the game. Now I have to look at my options and talk to my agent about what to do next. Right now I'm just at a loss for words."

Seems a bit odd to me. If you were going to ask me who the first Astros pitcher to be released would be, I could have come up with two or three names before I got to Geoff Geary. He'll make $1.7m whether he takes his assignment, or not.

Wade told McTaggart this:
"We are pleased with the contributions by Arias and Fulchino and think they deserve more opportunities to pitch at this level,"


Spruce said...

I'm a little nervous about how much confidence they have in Arias. I haven't had a chance to watch a lot of him but when I have, his lack of control has scared me. He always looks like he's one pitch away from killing somebody.

The Constable. said...

Maybe it's that Nuke LaLoosh quality that has kept him on the team...

Ryan Sides said...

Something smells fishy here. My dad (the season ticket holder in the family) argues that they should have made him do rehab in the minors in the first place. He thinks Geary was being stubborn, told him he didn't want to go down, and now they're (basically) making him. But I don't know...

If I'm an ijured pitcher and the front office and coaches are CLEAR with me that they want me to go down for rehab, why wouldn't I? I wonder (read: speculate) if maybe the front office didn't screw this one up by ACTING like all was well (with him skipping the minors) when they were really upset with him for not taking the rehab assignment. It wouldn't be the first time they've botched something like this...