Monday, June 22, 2009

Astros have signed 33 picks from 2009 draft

Looks like another solid draft class from Bobby Heck and Ed Wade, as the Astros announced 11 more signings, bringing the total to 33 players drafted.

Of those not yet signed, seven of them are from the first 35 rounds, and are as follows:
1st Round: SS Jiovanni Mier
7th Round: RHP Dallas Keuchel
12th Round: RHP Geoffrey Thomas
26th Round: 1B Matt Watson
28th Round: RHP Eric Anderson
30th Round: RHP Brandon Petite
32nd Round: RHP Greg Peavey

Mier looks like he'll sign before the August 17 deadline. The Examiner astutely points out that Keuchel, who had a strong College World Series, could be the most difficult to sign, as he still has his senior year ahead of him.

Anderson and Peavey look like they're leaning towards not signing, and 30th round pick Petite doesn't want 30th round money. We'll see how it plays out, but I'm impressed with the Astros for signing so many players so quickly.

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