Monday, June 15, 2009

Astros have signed 22 picks

And here they are:

2nd: RHP Tanner Bushue
3rd: OF Telvin Nash
4th: RHP B.J. Hyatt
5th: SS Brandon Wikoff
9th: SS Ben Orloff
11th: C David Williams
15th: OF Ryan Humphrey
16th: 1B Ronald Sanchez
17th: RHP Justin Harper
18th: RHP J.B. MacDonald
19th: OF Brian Kemp
20th: OF J.D. Martinez
21st: 2B Barry Butera
22nd: RHP Mark Jones
23rd: RHP Robby Donovan
24th: LHP Mike Modica
25th: 1B Nick Stanley
27th: 3B Aaron Bray
31st: LHP Travis Smink
33rd: RHP Brenden Stines
34th: RHP Scott Migl
35th: OF Grant Hogue

Bobby Heck and scout Doug Deutsch are still negotiating with first-round pick Jiovanni Mier, a high school shortstop from southern California.

"It's been very positive," Heck said. "Doug Deutsch has had multiple meetings with the family since his selection, and we've been given all indicators it's going to happen sooner than later."

Who hasn't signed yet?

1st: Jiovanni Mier
3rd (Comp): Jonathan Meyer
6th: SS Enrique Hernandez
7th: LHP Dallas Keuchel
8th: RHP Brandt Walker
10th: 3B/C Erik Castro
12th: RHP Geoffrey Thomas
13th: OF Jake Goebbert
14th: LHP David Berner
26th: 1B Matt Watson
28th: RHP Eric Anderson
29th: CF Garen Wright
30th: RHP Brandon Petite
32nd: RHP Greg Peavey
36th: SS Tyler Saladino
37th: RHP Raul Rivera
38th: OF Sean Barksdale
39th: RHP Rory Young
40th: RHP Dan Sarisky
41st: C Carlos Escobar
42nd: CF Ivory Thomas
43rd: RHP Anthony Tzamtzis
44th: RHP Mike Schurz
45th: 2B Adrian Morale
46th: SS Justin Gonzalez
47th: RHP Matt Branham
48th: LHP Steven Rodriguez
49th: 1B Matt Smith
50th: LHP Spencer Hylander

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