Friday, June 5, 2009

Astros and the DL

Incredible data available from Beyond the Box Score dissecting DL trips among Major League teams. You should check it out, but as a teaser I'll point out that...

-The Astros rank 2nd behind the White Sox in Fewest Trips to the DL
-The Astros rank 6th in Fewest Average Days on the DL
-The Astros are #1 in Fewest Days Lost to the DL

Players from Cincinnati spent five times the number of days on the DL compared to players from Houston. It was really an eye opener to see which teams seem to care about conditioning and the ones that do not.

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CM said...

You know what the funny part about this is - I always read, and a couple of weeks ago they had a small piece on Cecil Cooper, and how it wouldn't be fair to judge how good of coach he is based on this season because the Astros have had a pile of injuries.......I knew right then and there that they haven't followed the Astros. We have been relatively injury free! Other than Kaz Matsui and the bullpen (neither of which have been dealbreakers for the team anyway - Maysonet has been great, and Hawkins has been no worse than Valverde would be, arguably), we haven't had any injuries at all. I'm glad you posted these stats.