Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wow. Padres fans are brutal.

There's really no way to condense this and it has nothing to do with the Astros, but it's from a Padres' fan blog:

Memo to Brian Giles: Retire

Yes I know that you are a competitive guy, I know your a hometown guy, I know that it must be extremely hard to realize that you just lost it. You had a good run (enhanced or not). You just have to man up, be a professional and go out with some dignity. See Mike Schmidt and Ryan Sandberg.

The only reason most of us feel you are still lacing it up everyday is to collect our hard earned money. Problem with that is that your "not" earning it. You just woke up and got old, that's ok it happens to everyone.

If you really:

1. Love the Padres and are a true San Diegan
2. Really do want to be close to your family and spend more time with them....

RETIRE! You have made an insane amount of money playing a kids game, help the padres save a little money this year, which will help keep guys like Jake Peavy.

Allow the team the ability to move forward without embarrassing youself further. I know it's only once or twice a week now that your on the bench, but soon it will be a platoon role and then a spot starter. Just save yourself the embarrassment and retire as a Padre......now!

This way the team can bring up some young guys and start to see what we have for 2010. Clean up your image with the court case, and start doing some PR work. People love a guy that admits his mistakes and moves forward.

Thanks for the memories and good luck.