Monday, May 18, 2009

World Series to start before 8pm; Bosses rejoice

When I was back on East Coast time, I dreaded October. It's my favorite month of the year, but I dread it. Or rather, my boss dreaded it, because everyone came in to work looking like it was 28 Years Later. Red eyes. Wild hair. Jerky movements.

This is all due to Fox Sports, which has made a fairly consistent effort over the last ten years to destroy everything that is Good and Right about sports on television. Be it a flame shooting off of a hockey puck; commentators who have not been covering college football call the National Championship; Jeanne Zelasko and Joe BuckCarver.

Or how about alienating an entire generation of baseball fans who have to be in bed before the end of the 2nd inning - thus rendering the Holiest of Sporting Events, the World Series, meaningless, as they have to listen to Stuart Scott or Chris Berman recount the Wondrous Majesty of the World Series into a 60-second clip, and then making those viewers listen to drivel about Tim Tebow, Tony Romo, Kobe, between coverage segments the next morning?

Well, no more! Bud Selig and Fox have caved! Now kids can stay up until the 4th inning before they have to go to bed! And working professionals will only look like dog crap the next morning, instead of hammered dog crap, as first pitch will be backed up 40 minutes.

Apparently this marks the first time since Game Four of the 1979 World Series (the last time the Pirates won the World Series) that a WS game has started before 8pm EST.

And still no afternoon World Series games.


jphelps said...

Kudos to Bud for being a little less douche-y!

The Constable. said...