Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rotation shuffle

The Wife is in the bathroom, thus, I return for a quick post:

The Astros are doing some shuffling in the rotation after Roy's 17-pitch appearance in a rain-shortened game against the Braves. This, as previously mentioned, was bullcrap. I was in the stands and saw the rain coming from about 2:30 on. I realize Fox must be pleased, but it was ridiculous to play an inning and a half of a game and then delay the game for an hour and a half. Granted, Jurrjens went through the same problem, but still. Hold off on the game's start, everyone can watch the Phillies-Mets (like we did on the Jumbotron), and then start the game.

Anyway, because of that, Roy will start Tuesday against the Nationals while Ortiz can provide long relief today against the Braves.

I now defer to the Deputy...