Saturday, May 30, 2009

Recap for G47 - Astros @ Pirates

Mm. Not so good - for the second time around - as the Astros fell to the Pirates, 7-4, ensuring that they'll stay in 6th place in the NL Central for a little while longer. And this time, Wandy didn't even get out of the fifth inning.

Wandy: 4.2IP, 9H/5ER, 6K:3BB
Fulchino: 1.1IP, 1K:2BB
Byrdak: 1IP, 1H
Backe: 1IP, 3H/2ER, 1K

So Wandy hasn't done so well the last two starts - so hold on to your Cy Young for a little while, anyway. And while we're here, let's welcome back Backe, who threw a very public bullpen, until he gets a chance to start - most likely next week.


So Wandy: what the hell? That's two starts in a row in which Wandy hasn't made it out of the fifth (though the May 25 start @CIN contained no ER, this one certainly did). Wandy threw 105 pitches - and there have been five previous starts where he threw 105+ pitches, but this is the only one where he didn't make it at least six innings.

The first five Pirates saw at least first base: 1 walk, four consecutive singles, ensuring that the Astros were in a 3-0 hole before coming to bat for the second time - so let's hold off on Pudge's sainthood, for now (not to put this on Pudge, solely).

Here's the thing: eight batters came to the plate in the bottom of the 1st. Seven of them saw first-pitch strikes. Five of those batters saw a 2nd-pitch ball.

Pitch-count alert...
1st inning: 32
2nd inning: 17
3rd inning: 18
4th inning: 16
5th inning: 22

Backe's outing included 1IP, but three doubles and a wild pitch. But the game was pretty much done by that point.

Offensively, nothing really happened. Tejada got two hits - the only multi-hit of the game. Maysonet continued his "I'm better than you, Matsui" streak with one hit and two walks in 4PAs. The Astros RBI were as follows: 2 from Tejada, 1 from Berkman; 1 from Keppinger.

And it wasn't as close as it looked. Tom Gorzelanny came in for the 9th and walked Maysonet, allowed a double to Michaels, walked Bourn (at which point the injured Matt Capps came in, and...) hit Tejada - scoring Maysonet - and walked Berkman - scoring Michaels. Lee grounded out with the bases loaded, down by three.

Man of the Match:
Miguel Tejada. 2x4, and extending a hit streak to 13 games.

Goat of the Game:
Between Wandy and Carlos Lee. Wandy gave up enough runs in 4.2 that the Away Team couldn't come back. Wandy it is.

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