Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reactions to G45 - Astros @ Reds

Coop, on the day off:
“At this point in time it probably is what we need. We’ve had a rough stretch here in the last eight to 10 days. We probably do need a break to get away from it and kind of refresh ourselves a little bit. Hopefully we come with some energy and a little bit better focus and come Friday with a sense of urgency.”

“I feel really great now. The only matter for me (is that) I’m healthy and I know I can throw my pitches like I want. What happened today, that happens. Just two pitches, two home runs. There’s nothing I can do.”

Coop, on Paulino:
“I thought he did OK. Just a couple of mistakes. I thought he did a pretty good job...I just thought he pitched pretty good. I was encouraged in what I saw.”

Coop, on whether or not the Astros have any energy:
"When guys pitch well against you, it's going to look that way. If you don't go out and throw up zeros and they pitch well against you, you're going to look like you're flat and like you're not a very good team."

No one is talking. And that's not so good.

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