Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reactions to G34 - Astros at Rockies

A night in which the Astros got 24 hits - one shy of the club record - and scored 15 runs, most in the NL this season.

"I didn’t know we almost (made franchise history for hits), but everybody should appreciate it. In any franchise, you never know when you have a chance to set records. It’s something special."

It's a little discouraging when you go 4-for-4 and you look up and you’re hitting .216. It’s not something that you sit there and say, ‘Well, this is how we should hit every night,’ because you do realize it’s a special type deal where everything kind of fell into place for you."

"The offense is going to come along. We know that we’ll compete every day because we know this team is going to hit. I feel very happy because when you have a good team like the one we have and everybody steps up it’s easier for everybody. When everybody is contributing for the team it’s all better."

"I gave up the lead, which stunk. But the team just kept battling and swinging and everything found a hole. They got me the lead back and I pitched well enough to hold it."

Jason Marquis:
"I just didn't make pitches tonight. Mistakes, good pitches, it just felt like everything found a hole. It was one of those nights."

"Lance is starting to come. I thought before this, he was swinging the bat a little bit better. It's always good to see him get some hits. I'm sure it helped him relax a little bit as well. He wasn't the only guy. Everybody kind of chipped in. It was good to see it."

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