Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reactions to G26 - Astros at Nationals

Cooper, on the bullpen:
“The last couple of days they did a terrific job. Tonight we just didn’t get it done. It’s pretty simple. To get them out you got to be able to throw it over the plate, and we didn’t do a very good job of that.”

“I just didn’t have it today. It’s kind of frustrating when your team hands you the lead and we fought so hard tonight to get a lead.”

“I felt fine. It was just a bad day. I have control of my pitches, but this was just a bad day.”

Elijah Dukes on Ryan Zimmerman's 4x4 night:
"You've got to give the credit to Zimmerman for basically staying in there and giving us hope. He was hitting, and everybody else was like, 'Might as well join him.'"

We just had good at-bats tonight. I think that's the most impressive thing. We got our hits, but we took a lot of walks. We didn't swing at their pitches, even when they were close. It's kind of a sense of us maturing as a team, I think."