Sunday, May 3, 2009

Reactions to G25 - Astros at Braves

“Tremendous offensive execution. We did a lot of good things today. We had three sac bunts, and every time we did it the guy scored.”

Geoff Geary:
“I think overall we did pretty good. To be honest with you, if we accept giving up runs as excellent then we’re all kidding ourselves. Now we have to really pick each other up with Doug going down hurt. And I think it’s just going to show everybody what we’re made of because we don’t have a choice.”

Wandy, on not pitching the 6th:
“I wanted one more inning, but Cooper said that’s it. I respect this guy. I tell him, ‘I want one more inning.’ But he didn’t want to.”

As a temporary aside, I'm pleased with this turn of events. I watched this game and thought Wandy maybe could have gone one more. But then this from...

“He was at 85 or 86 (pitches) and I just thought it looked like to me it was kind of getting away from him a little bit. We had some fresh guys to use there.

This is encouraging to me, because we actually saw Cooper managing today. He didn't let Wandy make the decision (like when he let Valverde stay in the game weekend before last). He made the decision, and that makes me happy.

Chipper Jones:
We had a lot of opportunities to score more runs than we did. We gave them too many opportunities in the middle innings."

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