Saturday, May 30, 2009

Other teams gathering around the Astros. Like vultures.

Add the Phillies and White Sox to the list of teams looking for a dance partner - and may find one - in the Astros.

The Phillies are likely to lose Brett Myers for the season to hip surgery and, according to Smiley Rosenthal, are looking for "an impact pitcher." Erik Bedard of the Mariners, and Roy are speculated upon by Rosenthal as potential matches. And remember, Easy Eddie looooves trading with the Phillies.

And, should you prefer not trading Roy within the League, the White Sox are apparently scouting the Astros. Remember the White Sox had a deal in place to send four players to the Padres for Jake Peavy. Peavy turned them down, so like a middle school dance, maybe the Sox will ask the best friend out:

Special assistant Bill Scherrer is following Houston, which is in last place in the American League Central.

The Sox weren't afraid to take on $63 million if Peavy had accepted a trade. Roy Oswalt, Houston's marquee pitcher, will earn $45 million from 2009-2011, plus a $16 million club option/$2 million buyout.

We'll give the Tribune the benefit of the doubt and assume they meant "last place in the National League Central, but the economics are there. Remember the fallen-through Jon Garland trade? I blame that episode squarely as what led to Pettitte's departure, Andy got his feewings huwt.


Seth said...

The "middle school dance" line is classic. Keep up the good work fellow citizen. By the way, I would like to see what the Sox had to offer. I'm not saying I'm ready to ship Roy off, but it would be neat to see what his market value is.

jphelps said...

I'd take that package they offered for Peavy in a heartbeat.