Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On ridding ourselves of Coop

Much has been made of Coop's recent struggles, strategies, and woes in general. He's been called out for his tactics. His leadership. His communication skills. His demeanor in general. But the Astros should think twice about firing Coop any time soon, if at all.

One of the issues that has been brought up here numerous times is: If you're going to fire Coop, who would replace him? The list has been various and sundry - Bobby Valentine, Buck Showalter, Jose Cruz, Brad Ausmus (though Ausmus wouldn't be available until 2010, as he's under contract with the Dodgers and I doubt the Dodgers would let their backup catcher out of his contract to manage another National League team).

But there's something else. When the Astros exercised Cooper's option for 2010 on April 19, they locked themselves in. Managers - especially veteran managers - like job security. If six weeks, or even six months, after extending Cooper's contract through 2010, Wade and McLane go back on their extension and fire him, what self-respecting manager is going to want to come to Houston?

Certainly not one the Astros would want in the clubhouse. Cooper, for better or worse, should be able to manage out this season - it's not like he was given the '55 Dodgers, in the first place. He has made some questionable decisions, and it doesn't seem as though his approval rating is very high, but injuries and inconsistency have hurt this team much more than Cooper has.


jphelps said...

Agreed. Word from the dugout is not as bad as the Comicle writers would lead you to believe. The players and coaches are more frustrated with themselves than with Coop.

Seth said...

This is just one of those situations where a manager is set up to fail. Every manager is going to make mistakes, especially an inexperienced one like Coop (I know he's not inexperienced overall, but experience as an assistant and experience as the boss are 2 different things). Let him finish out this season so that we don't create a too obvious merry-go-round at the manager position.

Pick any manager in the MLB, and I doubt they could get this team over .500. I think managers have an impact, no doubt... but I think their impact is overrated.

Spruce said...

While I have not agreed with a good deal of Coop's in-game decisions, I don't like the idea of trying to shoe-horn somebody else into this poor of a season. Wait till next year.

Also, I am with jphelps on things maybe not being as bad as reported. I remeber last year, that JJO went off about how bad the clubhouse was and started throwing the word "toxic" around a lot. Just as soon as he did, the Astros started making a run.

And are we really going to listen to Justice when he wrote the other day that he didn't know Coop until he became manager in 07? The man had been the bench coach for a couple of years before that. I like for my Astros reporters to actually be down there with the Astros now and again.