Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nick Cafardo's Sunday column

In Nick Cafardo's Sunday column, he takes on a few Astro-related items...

...including ranking Coop 26th out of 30 for current (or soon-to-be ex-) managers:
26. Cecil Cooper, Astros: Has the rap, true or not, that he throws players under the bus in the media and never fully has their trust. On the positive side, he emphasizes discipline.

And on Tejada:
The Astros would entertain a deal for him if they could get a pitching prospect in return. Tejada has made a nice comeback and is hitting very well. Those who have played with him will tell you Tejada, who admitted he lied to Congress about his knowledge of steroid use in baseball, loves the game, loves to play every day, and is considered a great teammate.

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