Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Must be Tuesday! Ken Rosenthal hammers the Astros...

Column from Fox Sports' Smiley Rosenthal today in which the leadoff snippet has to do with how (a) The Astros suck, (b) so does their farm system, (c) so it's time to start selling:

Much as owner Drayton McLane hates to concede, he needs to understand that A) his team is going nowhere and B) his farm system ranks last in the majors, according to Baseball America.

Trading closer Jose Valverde, shortstop Miguel Tejada and catcher Ivan Rodriguez would be a start. But Oswalt — even a declining Oswalt — could bring the most significant return.

Oswalt, like Jake Peavy and Astros teammates Lance Berkman and Carlos Lee, has a full no-trade clause. He is earning $14 million this season, $15 million next season and $16 million in 2011. But given the thin states of both the summer trade market and 2009-10 free-agent market, he still would be attractive to contenders.

And that bastard "One NL Scout" has this to say about Roy:
"Every great pitcher has two careers. He hasn't come up with really good secondary stuff to carry him to his next career phase when he loses his fastball. He hasn't lost his fastball, but it's nowhere near as effective. He has lost some movement."

What say you?


Kevin said...

As much as I hate to see lifetime astros go, the team needs an overhaul. I think Oswalt will figure things out again, and I think it is time to let him go play for a contender.

I just don't get why the national guys spend so much time writing the same things about the Astros. We get it. We suck. My main worry is that we are leaving trades in Wade's hands. I have not been impressed with the moves the franchise has made for years.

The Constable. said...

Unfortunately it seems like the national media only pays attention when it's negative. You won't hear about the Astros unless it has to do with (a) how bad they are this year, (b) Roger Clemens, (c) Miguel Tejada.

I think Wade has a pretty good track record. He made some questionable trades (getting rid of Curt Schilling, for one), but every GM has made questionable trades. The Phillies of 2008 came to fruition from Wade's tenure from '98 to '05. It's too early to say whether or not history will be so kind to his time with Houston.

Ryan Sides said...

I'm not sure it's Roy's fastball that's died as much as his curveball. It usually (a) doesn't have as much movement or (b) is in the dirt. On most nights, he rarely throws it anymore, and that's leaving him with one good pitch. And for the most part, he's dominating with it... minus that one inning where hitters guess the location correct and put together enough to sour the outing.

And about Rosenthal's ideas... the only team that would be willing to take Tejada is an AL team (unless he agrees to move to third), but either way, that contract is so out there that it seems unlikely. Valverde's hurt, and even when he comes back will only be a rental, so good luck getting anything solid in return. And why would you sell low on Roy? Isn't that the first thing you learn in an economics class?

Seth said...

I am pretty bipolar on this issue. Soemtimes I feel like we should have a firesale... sometimes I don't.

I was about to type a novel about who I would/would not trade... but let me just break it down this way.

The Astros have a lot of free agents coming up this year. If they don't plan on getting draft picks for them (offering them arbitration)... then they should trade them. Even if it's just for some non-MLB ready high ceiling prospects.

Seth said...

I agree with not selling low on Roy, unless he really starts to pick it up and the Astros remain out of it, that's the only way you trade him.