Thursday, May 28, 2009

McLane is, again, not swayed by what Roy Oswalt wants or does not want

From Jayson Stark's Rumblings and Grumblings column today:

Here's a tale we've heard a couple of different times, from people tight with Oswalt: The Astros ace has lobbied on multiple occasions with owner Drayton McLane to get his club to make a run at Peavy. But that conversation is said to have ended when McLane turned to Oswalt and asked: "Are you gonna pay for half the contract?"

And further on down...

There are still no indications that the Astros are open to dealing Roy Oswalt, according to teams that have felt them out. But scouts who have watched Oswalt lately think he's pitching like a guy who needs a change of scene.

"It's time," said one scout. "The way he's going, I'm actually convinced that team could win more games with the pitchers they get back than they'll win with him pitching the way he's pitching. He's lost his edge. I really think that if he went to a more competitive club, he'd come back to a more competitive plateau himself. He's just not pitching with the kind of commitment a No. 1 starter has to his team."

I find it interesting that a couple of teams have "felt the Astros out" about it.

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