Sunday, May 31, 2009

Matchup for G48 - Astros @ Pirates

Well, the Astros had the chance, with a sweep of the Pirates, to get out of sixth place. With Moehler's CG and Wandy's 4.2 (did I really just type that?), the Astros can still win the series and pull within one game of 5th. And in order to do that, the Astros would like to see the Apr 15 version of Mike Hampton. Not all the other versions.


Hampton should be rested, throwing just 136 pitches in his last two starts, but the Rangers hit him hard his last time out on May 24 (but they hit everybody hard last weekend), but there has only been one start this month - vs Chicago on May 6 - that Hampton got more than 18 non-contact strikes.

Last three starts:

5/13 @COL67/53:26/1595/52
5/19 vMIL43/23:22/760/31
5/24 vTEX58/50:16/1676/48

Against the Pirates on 4/15?
Morgan: Groundout to 2nd, Strikeout swinging, Strikeout swinging
Sanchez: Groundout to catcher, Lineout to first, Strikeout swinging
McLouth: Single to right, Walk, Single to second
Doumit: Groundout to third, Strikeout looking, Flyout to left
LaRoche: Flyout to left, Strikeout looking
Monroe: Flyout to center, Single to right
LaRoche: Groundout to pitcher, Flyout to right
Vazquez: Strikeout swinging, Strikeout swinging
#9 spot: Strikeout swinging, Single to right

1st PA: 1x9
2nd PA: 3x8, BB
3rd PA: 1x4

Paul Maholm

Maholm has been pitching well for the Pirates this season, coming in with a 3-1 record and a 4.11 ERA. He has only given up three homers all season, but his K:BB ratio (1.62) is the lowest it's been since 2006 and lower than his career 1.82 ratio. He had strung together two good starts, giving up 1 ER in 13IP before getting rocked at Wrigley Field last time out (the ERA was 3.30 before that Cubs game...)

Last three starts:

5/15 vCOL75/04:110/11103/60
5/20 @WSH64/17:36/10114/74
5/25 @CHC47/72:36/1293/59

Let's do the splits:
vs Righties: 54x188, .287/.343/.420, 20K:16BB
vs Lefties: 7x50, .140/.259/.160, 14K:5BB

When swinging at the first pitch (40): .297/.316/.405, 2XBH
After First-Pitch Strikes (113): .259/.292/.343, 22K:4BB
After First-Pitch Balls (112): .237/.360/.376, 12K:17BB

RISP: 22x70, .314/.360/.414, 5K:5BB
Runners on: 34x108, .315/.362/.407, 11K:8BB
2OwRISP: 9x31, .290/.371/.484, 1K:4BB

Encouraging stat of the splits:
4th inning: 20x48, .417/.462/.563

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