Friday, May 8, 2009

Matchup for G30 - Padres at Astros

The Astros enjoy a three-game set against the Padres this weekend, a team that is 13-16 and has been outscored by 28 runs. The Astros are 11-17 and have been outscored by 24 runs. Good thing - and the best thing for the bullpen - is that Wandy is pitching. And with the exception of last Sunday's game, Wandy hadn't pitched fewer than six innings, or given up more than three earned.

Wandy Rodriguez
Wandy got pulled on Sunday from the last game the Astros won, a 7-5 victory over the Braves, after only 86 pitches and five innings. So if any pitcher this time around is going to go 6-8 innings, it's going to be tonight. Wandy's been the ace of the staff, 2-2 with a 2.19 ERA, and his two wins have come when he pitches seven innings. He's 0-2 with two NDs when pitching six or fewer innings. Bizarre, huh?

Last three starts:

4/23 vLAD65/14:211/7105/67
4/28 @CIN75/15:29/1099/66
5/3 @ATL56/33:38/886/55

Wandy has been fairly efficient - throwing 3.97 pitches per batter - and has yet to give up a home run this season (which means now that I've said it, he'll look like '05 Lidge). But do you want to hear something disgusting? Both of Wandy's losses have come when the Astros have been shutout.

Let's do the splits!
Vs Righties: 25x97, .258/.342/.320, 21K:11BB
Vs Lefties: 2x28, .071/.188/.107, 9K:4BB

First-Pitch Ball: (53) 5x43, 10K:10BB, .116/.283/.163
First-Pitch Strike: (78) 16x68, 20K:5BB, .235/.303/.294

RISP: 5x31, .161/.206/.161, 8K:1BB
Runners on: 12x53, .226/.300/.245, 11K:4BB
2OwRISP: 3x17, .176/.222/.176, 7K:0BB

Here's the thing, Wandy is 1-2 vs the Padres with an 8.10 ERA, with 21H/15ER in his career, though he only faced them once last season:

Apr 2 @ SD: 5IP, 8H/4ER, 6K:1BB - got the ND in a 9-6 win.

Chad Gaudin

Gaudin's contract was purchased by the Padres on Monday, April 27 after being released by the Cubs at the end of Spring Training. He started against the Rockies the next day. Though it seems like he's been around a while (he was once the youngest player in the American League), he is only 26 years old.

Last two starts:

4/28 @COL53/05:48/488/53
5/3 @LA5.28/65:44/1497/62

Gaudin can get some groundballs, but he can also walk some guys, too: 7 in 10.2IP this season.

Let's do the splits:
vs Righties: 5x20, .250/.375/.250, 8K:3BB
vs Lefties: 6x20, .300/.417/.400, 2K:4BB

After First-Pitch Strikes (22): .400/.455/.400, 4K:2BB
After First-Pitch Balls (23): .059/.304/.059, 6K:5BB

RISP: 3x11, .273/.273/.364, 3K:0BB
Runners on: 6x24, .250/.280/.333, 5K:1BB
2OwRISP: 1x5, .200/.200/.200, 1K:0BB

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