Monday, May 18, 2009

Houston Chronicle BBWAA Voting Members

The list of Hall of Fame voters was released. 725 voting members means that 544 votes have to be cast for a player/manager to be elected to the Hall of Fame. Who are the voting members from the Houston area?

John Black - Bayshore Sun (1972)
Richard Justice (1984)
Bill Hartman - Fort Bend Herald (1985)
Dale Robertson (1986)
Jose de Jesus Ortiz (1997)
Brian McTaggart (2004)
David Barron (2005)
Rene Cardenas - La Prensa (2006)
Steve Campbell - Houston Chronicle (2007)
Joseph Duarte - Houston Chronicle (2008)
Zachary Levine (2008)

Updated Very Public Admission of Idiocy: Shiner is correct. I nutted this post.

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ShinerBock said...

Constable: Don't want to bust your holster, but this is not a list of Hall of Fame voters. It is just a list of active BBWAA members...big difference. 10 year member of BBWAA required for Hall of Fame vote.