Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hampton may pitch tomorrow. Of course, he may not, too.

After losing an Attica-style shower fight with a soap dispenser at Wrigley Field last week, Mike Hampton may not start tomorrow due to the slow-healing cut on his thumb.

"I've got every intent to start."

"We'll wait and see on him a little bit. I'm waiting to talk to him. I want to make sure he knows he can go tomorrow. It's his day to go."

Alyson Footer:
Russ Ortiz was called into Cooper's office Saturday morning, and Cooper told the starter-turned-reliever that he wasn't going to use him that day, just in case his services may be needed the next day.

A couple of things about this shower incident:

1. I'm a fairly private guy. I realize I have not grown up in clubhouses, and I like to shower by myself. Hampton wasn't even pitching that day. Maybe he was doing some throwing before the game, but was it absolutely necessary to soap down?

2. What in the hell was he doing trying that hard to get soap?


Ryan Sides said...

Just a thought: usually pitchers throw a bullpen two days ahead of a start. Since he pitched Tuesday, he probably threw a pen Sunday. They also condition on a daily basis as well.

The Constable. said...

That's the way I was leaning. I don't doubt he broke a sweat. Maybe even stank a little. Still, it's pretty funny. Unless of course he goes out and nuts it tomorrow.

Ryan Sides said...

Agreed. Those dang soap dispensers can be so tricky!