Monday, May 18, 2009

The First in a Series of Off-Day Arguments

Which comes first:

- The date in which Jason Smith gets his first hit of the season.

- The date in which Jason Smith gets released.


Ryan Sides said...

You mean... released for the second time? haha

I'd say the hit. He's had some well hit balls in the past few at-bats (outside of yesterday). He'll get one in or get lucky soon enough if Coop keeps giving him at-bats in every game...

Ty said...

Date of the elusive hit. But only because Coop will continue to run him out there.

Another off-day argument - Over/Under on games Coop has left.
I say under 60. You?

Maybe how many he "should" have left is better...

I've lost my faith. Sorry, team.

Seth said...

Off Day Argument. Smith will get a hit and then get released. Somewhere within a week of his first hit he will be released. It always seems to happen that way.

Seth said...

Also, I just want to mention something about the hitting coach Sean Berry. I understand his surgery went well and that he should fully recover. I just want to say, I don't think he was doing a bad job at all. Early on, people were wanting to get on his case about the offensive struggles, mainly because Berkman wasn't hitting the ball. I judge a hitting coach more on the impact he has on young players... more than the veterans.

First case: Hunter Pence
07 - 26 BBs, 95 Ks
08 - 40 BBs, 124 Ks
09 so far - 18 BBs, 22 Ks
09 Projected (570 ABs) - 77 BBs, 94 Ks

Second Case: Michael Bourn
'08 and prior - 51 BBs, 135 Ks
'09 so far - 14 BBs, 27 Ks
'09 Projected - 59 BBs, 113 Ks

Both young hitters were not patient last year and the prior years. Both young hitters have showed increased patience at the plate and its showing in the obvious places in the stat column for both of them. The developmental players have progressed, in my opinion, under Berry. I know Hunter Pence has called him the "best hitting coach he's ever had." I got that from Alyson Footer's blog.

Ryan Sides said...

Seth... you forget to mention the biggest difference in those numbers with Bourn. His K's will be only slightly down, but in WAY more at-bats. At this pace, he'll get 653 at-bats (including walks and sacs) while he netted 467 last year. 113 k's in 653 is astounding after 135 in only 467.

Another way to look at it: he struck out once every 3.5 at-bats last year, but only once every 5.8 at-bats this year.

Jason Cardwell said...

Released. Maysonet is gonna get called up soon...