Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cooper's Team Meeting; Blum to DL?

According to multiple players, Cooper used the meeting to discuss the team's poor play lately.

Multiple players also told the Houston Chronicle that a veteran player also used the meeting to implore teammates not to air their disdain for Cooper in the media.

Well, that seems like it's about a month too late, which could be an appropriate reflection of what the 09 season holds for the Astros...

And don't expect to see Geoff Geary back any time soon:
"I threw I think 25 pitches. I didn't blow it out. I threw the ball pretty hard. I had one particular pitch that I felt pain and it took me a second or two to kind of let the pain go away."

Added Cecil Cooper: "It could be a little bit longer that I thought."

And Geoff Blum knows how to say the right things about his hamstring:
"It's (the DL) an option. I don't want to do anything that's going to hurt this ballclub. I want to play. I want to win. I want to help. I don't want to be a hindrance. If this thing proves to be a hindrance and going on the DL is an option to help this club I'll have to cross the proverbial bridge when I get there."

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