Friday, May 8, 2009

Berkman dropped to 5th

For tonight's game, you may notice a difference. If you're good at using context clues, you already know why (look up). Yep, Berkman will be batting 5th.

“I can’t believe it took this long to be moved out of the three-hole. I’ve been awful. It’s really the only logical thing. I’m sorry that I’ve forced Coop’s hand to this point. Hopefully this will work a little bit better for the team.”

Is he hurt? Maybe. Berkman said he injured his wrist checking a swing last night in the 8th inning against Carlos Marmol:

"I just thought it was a sore wrist. But I had to shut it down. I took about five swings and had to shut it down."

Has he lost some confidence?

“Absolutely. With hitting, a lot of it is confidence. When you’re suffering through an inordinate amount of failure your confidence suffers and that’s how it snowballs because then when you go out there and you swing through a pitch that you normally hit you’re like, ‘What in the world?’ So it gives you not a very good feeling.”

Will he get over it?

“I don’t know, but I’d like to think that. But you know it’s certainly a scary place to be when you don’t have any answers and you don’t see really any improvement in your performance. The only thing (is that) in 2007 it was similar because I felt pretty terrible all the way through May. That was the first. I’d have to go back and look, but I think I had 200 at-bats with one double and maybe like two or three homers, so I think I’ve been in some pretty dire straits from a baseball perspective before. But normally it doesn’t last as long as this one has.”

And then, the most bone-chilling quote of the year:

"I could be the next Andruw Jones. I mean, it’s possible and it’s unexplainable.”

That's funny, because Andruw Jones is still in the League. And it's not funny at all. Not at all.

UPDATE: Berkman will eventually hit 5th, but not tonight. Berkman's been scratched, Erstad gets the start at 1st.

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