Friday, May 8, 2009

Berkman and Wade respond to Manny

Man, those guys hate PEDers. (PEDophiles? Is that over the line?)

“It wouldn't surprise me if he (Manny) was on steroids. It's sad to say, but that's the way I feel about it. I wasn't surprised. I think that anybody that makes the game look clownish is under suspicion because it's just not that easy. It's unfortunate that here we go again with another round of steroid questions....

...Absolutely, whatever they've got to do to make sure that the game is clean, they should do it. It's a pain in the rear. I don't want to get tested every time I turn around, but I'll give blood at any moment during the off-season or during the season or whatever they want me to do. As much of an irritation as it is I'll do whatever they want in order to bring some integrity back to the sport.”

Ed Wade:
“It’s unfortunate that we still have things like that occurring in our game. I’m glad that we have the testing program in place. I think this validates the efficiency of the program. A lot of the stuff that’s been discussed revolving around drugs in our game for the past six or seven months or so dealt with things that happened pre-testing. Now I believe we have three players suspended right now for positive drug tests within the last year. And there are several other guys in our game that have served suspensions and are back at this point in time. So I think the program is working and hopefully the message is getting through that players have to take advantage of the resources that they have to make sure that whatever they’re putting into their system is not going to put them in a position that will lead to problems. It’s in their best interest, in the game’s best interest, to have a program in place and for players to follow it to the letter of the law.”