Thursday, May 28, 2009

BA vs. OBP vs. SLG

Ryan makes a good point. So let's take a gander at where our fair hitters fall in the OBP/SLG leaderboard...

Hunter Pence
3rd BA - .352
21st SLG - .515
10th OBP - .423

5th BA - .346
19th SLG - .519
30th OBP - .369

Carlos Lee
18th BA - .316
18th SLG - .523
40th OBP - .358

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Ryan Sides said...


Not that Tejada and Pence and Lee aren't having good years... it's just that I don't see Tejada and Pence as top 5 hitters as batting average would say they are. OPS would probably put Pence around 15, Tejada around 25, and Lee around 30... seemingly much more accurate.

And on the runs created stat (what some consider to be that end all hitting stat): Pence is 19, Bourn 27, Miggy 31, and Lee 32, probably much closer to their OPS ranks than batting average.

Just more of my two cents :)

p.s. just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed the site!