Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Astros as a verse of a Barry Manilow song

CBS Sports' Power Rankings was not very fun to read:

Astros: 21st
The mini-sorta-surge toward .500 is inspirational in the best sickly-orphan-overcomes-adversity sense of the word, but if I'm an Astros fan I'm still rooting for them to tank in 2009 and get the long-needed retooling effort under way. ... All together now, with no apologies whatsoever to top-of-mind superstar Barry Manilow: "Oh Wandy/Well you came and you threw without breaking/You're our new special ace/Oh Wandy/Fertile groupies are yours for the taking/Mind their perfume and lace/Oh Wandy."

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jphelps said...

That makes me feel dirrrty.