Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome, Citizen Ben

Today we welcome another official member of Astros County. Welcome, Citizen Ben.

AC: Which current Astro is the most underrated/overrated?
CB: Underrated: Wandy Rodriguez; Overrated: Is any Astro truly overrated??? I guess I'll go with Carlos Lee for the 1-tool that he gives us.

AC: If you could ruin one other team's franchise, who would it be?
CB: Definitely the Cardinals.

AC: What was your Favorite Astros Moment?
CB: Seeing Bagwell get to bat in the World Series...even though he was absolutely dominated and blown away by Jenks, just seeing him up there was pretty awesome for me.

AC: Where were you when Pujols hit The Home Run?
CB: I was laying in bed at my apartment in College Station watching. That was the single biggest rollercoaster drop in emotion I have ever experienced. From the top of the world, to the depths of Hell in a 593-foot matter of seconds.

AC: What's the over/under on how long Coop remains the manager?
CB: He'll be here at least until the All-Star break...but will be ousted before the end of the season.

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