Thursday, April 2, 2009

Unless Ed Wade and Cecil Cooper are lying to his face, Chris Johnson has reason to be excited

Of course, you never know. Johnson, though disappointed, understands why he was sent to The Rock, but is pleased with what he showed Easy Eddie and Coop, who were then pleased with what Johnson showed them, and then had these nice things to say:

"They were telling me yesterday that they see me as a future third baseman," Johnson said. "It's pretty awesome to hear that. That kind of cheered me up."

So if that is true, it looks like we may have solved Chris Johnson and the Riddle of the Infield. Blum and Tejada are not under contract beyond this season. Matsui is under contract until after 2010 and has a limited no-trade clause. There would be Johnson, Jason Smith, Edwin Maysonet, Tommy Manzella, and Jeff Keppinger knocking on the door. And Drew Sutton, provided he's not a Red. I could see Matsui getting traded, though who would be interested in trading an aging, injury-prone 2B with a crack in his anus? It's a valid question.

Make fun, go ahead. This team is old now, but it's about to get a lot younger in the next couple of years.

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