Wednesday, April 8, 2009

That. Just. Happened.

So what did Brian Moehler's first 1.2 look like? (Stats courtesy MLB Gameday, because WGN is showing the White Sox/Royals)

1st inning
P1: Foul - 86mph slider
P2: Ball - 86mph slider
P3: Swinging Strike - 88mph fastball
P4: Single to right-center - 86mph slider

P5: Single to center - 86mph slider

P6: Ball - 88mph fastball
P7: Double to right (Soriano scores) - 85mph changeup

P8: Ball - 88mph fastball
P9: Ball - 86mph fastball
P10: Ball - 79mph changeup
P11: Ball - 88mph slider

P12: Swinging Strike - 77mph curve
P13: Single to left (Fukudome scores) - 86mph changeup

P14: Foul - 89mph fastball
P15: Ball - 89mph fastball
P16: Foul - 88mph fastball
P17: Infield single (Lee scores) - n/a

P18: Single to right (Bradley scores) - n/a

P19: Strike (swinging) - n/a
P20: GIDP - n/a (Thanks MLB!)

P21: Ball - 79mph slider
P22: Ball - 89mph fastball
P23: Ball - 89mph fastball
P24: Strike (looking) - 89mph fastball
P25: Strike (looking) - 88mph slider
P26: Ground out to second - 88mph fastball

The first six batters reached base. Moehler gave up four runs on 25 pitches. Of those 25 pitches, 18 did not result in a hit, but only three were taken for strikes.

2nd inning
P27: Strike - 77mph slider
P28: Liner to third - 77mph curve

P29: Single to right - 88mph fastball

P30: Strike (looking) - 88mph fastball
P31: Strike (looking) - 89mph fastball
P32: Ball - 88mph fastball
P33: Strike - 78mph slider

P34: HBP - 88mph fastball

P35: Ball - 77mph slider
P36: Foul - 77mph slider
P37: Single to left (Fukudome scores) - 86mph slider

End of appearance. Twelve more pitches, five strikes (not resulting in a hit) - two of them looking. Two balls. Then Ortiz came in and, on the first pitch - a 90mph fastball, gave up a 3-run homer to right field to Fontenot.

Some percentages, if you'll allow it.
Of the pitches we have data for (tip of the cap to MLB, though I shouldn't complain)
33% were sliders
51% were fastballs
9% were changeups
7% were curves

Moehler gave up eight hits:
Three on sliders, two on changeups, one on a fastball, two n/a

Sometimes it just ain't working for you. Recap later...