Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tejada's hits, RBIs

RBIs are a hard stat to judge, because obviously RBIs are not just dependent on the number of hits a player gets. RBIs are contingent on baserunners, and that's kind of a problem for the Astros. That said, here's a pretty wild stat: Miguel Tejada has 27 hits this season - tied for 5th in the NL and only three hits behind leader Carlos Beltran. That said, Tejada only has 4 RBI.

Here are your leaders in hits and their RBI:
Beltran: 30/14
Freddy Sanchez: 29/8
Orlando Hudson: 28/9
Joey Votto: 28/20
Raul Ibanez: 27/17
Nyjer Morgan: 27/11
Miggs: 27/4

Felipe Lopez has 25 hits and only 5 RBI. To find a batter with 4 RBI on the NL hits leaderboard, you have to go down to Casey Kotchmann, t-35th with 21 hits and 4 RBI.

Is this Tejada's fault? Kind of. Tejada is 18x53 when no one is on base (.340), but 9x32 with runners at some sort of base (.281). And with two outs and RISP, Miggs is 3x13 (.231).