Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ted Keith puts the tombstone on the Astros - six weeks before the Chronicle...

Ted Keith, in an over-reactionary and grammatically inferior mailbag, circles the buzzards over the Astros 2009 season. Thanks for the alley-oop, Mark Pachankisq of Vivian, La.

Is there any hope for the Astros this year?
-- Mark Pachankisq, Vivian, La.
Sure, the Astros can hope for many things this season -- short of making it to October, that is. After a 1-6 start, the Astros are already four games out in the National League Central and there haven't been many bright spots, either. They rank last in the league in runs, last in on-base percentage and 14th in ERA. There simply don't appear to have enough pitching to stay competitive in the NL Central this year.

It's true. There just don't appear to have enough pitching. Batting, neither.

Why is it when we complain about the Astros, it's perfectly acceptable, but when someone does it at a national level they're engaging in first-class douchebaggery?