Friday, April 3, 2009

Team Marketing Report releases its MLB Fan Cost Index

It's a fascinating article - PDF download required to access the whole thing. But here's your basic rundown:

Astros Avg. Ticket Price: $28.73 (+3.6%)
MLB Avg: $26.64

Astros Avg. Premium Ticket: $48.41
MLB Avg: $96.93

Astros Beer: $5.00
MLB Avg: $5.92

Astros Soft Drink: $4.25
MLB Avg: $3.44

Astros Hot Dog: $4.75
MLB Avg: $3.70

Astros Parking: $15.00
MLB Avg: $12.40

Astros Program: $4.00
MLB Avg: $3.72

Astros Cap: $13.00
MLB Average: $15.03

Family of Four to Minute Maid Park: $209.93
MLB Avg: $196.89

Run-DMc has managed to price the Minute Maid Experience above the Major League average in six of the nine measured categories. Does this make you happy, or sad?