Sunday, April 19, 2009

Screw You, Screw You, Screw You, You're Okay, Screw You

Take that, Ken Rosenthal. Take that, Tracy Ringolsby.

The Astros picked up Coop's option, ensuring that he will be The Unsightly Man in the Astros Uniform through 2010.

Says Run-DMc:
“We wanted to eliminate any confusion and lack of focus from the baseball team. So Ed and Tal approached me several days ago, and I said absolutely. We wanted to wait when we got back to Houston and we got this opportunity in our ballpark to announce that.”

Says Ed Wade:
"I didn't see confusion... It just stops all that background noise for whatever reason, off-days, national columns, things of that nature," In other words, taste my pain, Ken Rosenthal.

Says Michael Bourn:
“That’s good for him. This might can make him relax now. It gives him confidence because he really is a good manager and he was a great player, too.”

Says Tejada:
“This is very good, great. This is very good for Coop because he’s a very hard working man. He’s a respectable man, and I think he deserves this.”

Says Coop:
"It is comforting to know that you're going to be with an organization for a while. And when I came over here in '05 (as Phil Garner's bench coach), they made me (feel) welcome, Drayton, Tal, and heck, all the leaders here. And heck, I feel like I was brought up in this organization. It's a great organization, they treat people well, and I'm tickled to be associated with it and glad that we're going to go forward."

Just so you realize, Coop was 2x5 in "heck"'s in this interview.