Sunday, April 5, 2009

A-Rod out until May. Wait, nope. Maybe by the end of April.

So when A-Rod went down with this hip injury shortly after the SI story that he used steroids from 2000-2003 (but not while a Yankee, because that's not as pressure-packed a situation as playing for the last-place Rangers, whose games are barely done by the late Baseball Tonight), I was skeptical. Now I flat-out don't believe him, especially after this report that A-Rod could possibly be back from surgery by the end of April.

Consider Scott Boras, master of the image, and A-Rod, who has a minority stake in his own image. Yankees fans are pissed about A-Rod and his PED usage, and basically because they never really liked him, anyway (which I don't really understand). So do you think Boras wanted cash cow, $300 million man, and Yankee-for-life A-Rod to get booed by 50,000 Yankees fans on Opening Day at a brand-new stadium A-Rod is supposed to help pay for? Oh no.

I do not believe A-Rod is injured, and I do believe this has everything to do with A-Rod's legacy, whatever the heck that's going to be.