Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recap, G16 - Dodgers at Astros

Definitely not as fun as last night. 2-0 loss as this was the pitcher's duel I said it would it be. The Astros managed four hits over the course of the evening, and Chad Billingsley blew it out the box. Wandy did what Wandy's done, and that's allow very few runs over the course of his outing. Let's take a look at his first pitch stats:

FP strike: 18
FB ball: 6

Wandy: 6IP, 5H, 1ER, 4K:2BB
Geary: 2IP, 2H, 1ER, 1K
Wright: 1IP, 1H


The offense...we mentioned this earlier, but Hunter Pence got to take a rest today. Not sure why. But it is what it is. Let's look at the ABs with runners on base. Trust me, this won't take long.

1st inning, Tejada on 2nd, 1 out:
Berkman strikes out swinging
Lee pops out to catcher

2nd inning: Erstad on 1st, 1 out
Pudge grounds into double play

3rd inning: Bourn on 1st, 0 out
Wandy sac bunt, Bourn to 2nd
Matsui flies out to 2nd
Tejada pops out to short

5th inning: Pudge on 1st, 1 out
Bourn strikes out swinging/Pudge caught stealing at 2nd

6th inning: Michaels on 1st, 0 out
Matsui sac bunt, Michaels to 2nd
Tejada safe at 1st on throwing error
Berkman grounds into double play

8th inning: Bourn on 2nd, 1 out
Pence lines out to short
Matsui grounds out to third

9th inning: Tejada on 1st, 0 out
Berkman strikes out swinging
Lee strikes out looking
Blum HBP
Erstad grounds out to first

So Tejada provided half the Astros' offense with two of the four hits, and they got nothin' from anybody else. Still, in a positive light, the Astros did win a series that looked unwinnable the way they played against the Reds.

Man of the Match:
Miguel Tejada. 2x4, now hitting .365.

Goat of the Game:
I really hate to harp on Berkman, but he did leave two men on twice in one game that the Astros lost by two runs. 0x4 with two Ks, 4 LOBs, and is now hitting .200.