Thursday, April 9, 2009

Reactions to G3 - Cubs at Astros

Reactions from last night's 11-6 loss to the Cubs...

From Moehler:
“The results weren’t there,” Moehler said after giving up seven runs on eight hits with one walk and one strikeout over 12⁄3 innings. “We had to scramble the rest of the game. I put us in the hole from the get-go. We had to play catch-up, and the bullpen suffered. I stunk. That’s the bottom line.”

“If we had started in the third inning, we’d win the game, right?,” Astros manager Cecil Cooper said with a laugh. “We swung the bats a lot better tonight. I was very happy with that. Hopefully we can kind of build on that and go from there.”

Cooper, on taking Moehler out:
"It was a little tough for me," Cooper said. "I was kind of on the bubble, even when I did go get him. We need him this year to be the anchor down there, to be that fourth or fifth guy for us. He's always pretty good, he's always around the plate, throws strikes. I thought they made a pretty good adjustment to him, and that's probably why they were able to have success off him."

“To give up a three-run home run and then walking guys, I put Chris in a position to where a (double) scored two more on me. Right there that’s five runs that were tallied. That’s the thing that bothers me the most.”

Mike Fontenot:
"It's definitely fun to get a chance to get out there and everyone's getting hits," Fontenot said. "Everyone was getting a chance to get an RBI."