Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reactions to G12 - Reds at Astros

"The only thing that’s frustrating is that we have 50 chances to score runs during the game and we don’t do it. This is on our offense. We keep getting pitching like that, we’re going to win a lot of games."

"What did we leave on, 13? That won't get it done. Offensively, we need to do a better job of executing. I think we have only had one game this year where we have really opened it up, and actually, it was last night. We need to do a better job of that. I know they will. I am getting a little impatient, but I know they will. We had plenty of chances and we had the bases loaded at least twice with one out against Volquez. And then in the last three innings, we had their seventh, eighth and ninth-inning guys on the ropes, and we don't get a hit. We need to get hits in those situations. We had the right people up. We're just not hitting, and we have to pick it up in that area."

Geary, on Owings' double:
"There’s nothing tough about facing a pitcher in comparison to a hitter. You make a pitch according to how the game was going. He’s a fastball-hitting pitcher. I was given a choice of throwing a fastball or a slider or curveball away. I thought well if I can throw a fastball in off the plate the most he could do was roll over it. I watched the video. He opened up his front side, got greedy and hit it off the wall. I won’t make that mistake again."

And then on the error:
"Lance said third, but I thought he was going to get hit if I went to third. So when I threw the ball I threw to where Smith was at the time I saw him. Rather than leading the throw to the bag, I threw it off to what would be the inside part of the bag."

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