Sunday, April 5, 2009

Predictions Recap

As promised, I've collected the predictions from the "experts," and if you don't believe me, then please feel free to look up the Predictions tag. A synopsis is as follows:

Astros 1st
Chirp, chirp

Astros 2nd
Jose de Jesus Ortiz - Houston Chronicle
Dan Plesac - MLB Network

Astros 3rd
Brian McTaggart - Houston Chronicle

Astros 4th
Astros County
Bruce Bukiet - New Jersey Institute of Technology
TSN Canada
The Leadoff Man - Cubs blog

Astros 5th
Bruce Jenkins - San Francisco Chronicle
Ken Rosenthal - Fox Sports
Will Leitch - New York Magazine
Ken Davidoff - Newsday
Scott Miller - CBS Sports
Danny Knobler - CBS Sports
Eric Mack - CBS Sports
Adriane Rosen - CBS Sports
Baseball Prospectus
Hilton SportsBook
Sporting News
Bucs Dugout - Pirates blog
Blast Magazine

Astros 6th
Nick DeWitt - The Bleacher Report

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