Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Off-Day Argument, Volume 1 Recap

So far here's what we have in the "Should the Astros move to the AL West" debate:

Kevin: In favor of re-alignment, but a deep playoff run would be hard to come by in the stacked American League.

Deputy Jason: At least Carlos Lee could DH.

Cody: 15 games against the Rangers would be fun, a DH would be nice, but a playoff run is hard to come by.

Citizen Spruce: Can't stay up late enough to watch games that start at 9:05pm.

Of all these, I'm inclined to agree with Spruce. When I was on East Coast time, I could barely stay awake for the end of the game, and they started at 8pm. No way I make it through a 9:05 start. They end so late I'm unable to hear the e-mail alert with the score.

More thoughts?