Thursday, April 2, 2009

A New York writer with an AL bias? Shocking!

Ken Davidoff of Newsday (Long Island) wrote a column on the five teams that will be worse in 2009 than they were in 2008.

If you are an effective user of context clues, you can gather that our Houston Astros are on this list. Regard:

How they ever wound up in such serious contention is beyond most of us. As you can see here, their Pythagorean record was a much more apropos 77-84. At some point, though, their luck has to run out. If K-Rod and J.J. Putz both flop for the Mets, perhaps the Mets can trade for Jose Valverde.

It's nice that Davidoff has decided, before the season starts, Ed Wade will be looking to trade Valverde so that Omar Minaya can have a bullpen full of closers.

Oh. Who else is on the list? The Cubs (whew!), Rays, Brewers, and Blue Jays. If you're keeping score at home that's three NL Central teams and two AL East teams.