Monday, April 27, 2009

Matchup for G20 - Astros at Reds

So the Astros head out for a three-game set at Cincinnati, get their first day off in 15 days, and then head to Atlanta for three games against the Braves. I'll be at the game on Saturday, so any Astros County Citizens who want to meet up - give me a shout. Stay tuned for your Live Blog info for this week, as well.

But today the Astros send Roy Oswalt to the mound against a welcome sight - the Cincinnati Reds. Remember them? They took three of four from the Astros last weekend, and very easily could have taken zero of four, had it not been for a shaky bullpen.

Roy Oswalt

I know we're only four starts into the season, but Roy's 4.68 ERA is +1.53 over his career average, and is 1.44 WHIP is +.24 over his career average, as well. Shall we be worried? Not yet, but it's still worth pointing out.

Last two starts:


Of course Roy gave up those three homers in an inning against the Dodgers, but that's just not what he does against the Reds. Versus those Reds...

First-pitch strikes: 17
First-pitch balls: 9

Roy only got behind 2-0 twice all night, and his longest AB was an eight-pitch AB against Edwin Encarnacion. Roy lowered his ERA by almost 1.6 runs from the Cardinals game to the Reds - let's see what will happen tonight.

Johnny Cueto

Of course the reason the Astros lost the April 17 game to the Reds was this man: Johnny Cueto. Cueto used the Astros game as a springboard to go into Wrigley Field five days ago to shut down the Cubs with 7IP, 4H/0ER where he got 15 strikes looking. Cueto only threw 4.2 against the Astros, but he did walk six - only giving up two hits and one earned run - walking Berkman with the bases loaded to score Roy.

Lefties are hitting .219/.286/.281; Righties - .212/.316/.394.

First-pitch strikes: 37
First-pitch balls: 30

Versus the Astros:
FPS: 14
FPB: 7

These Reds come in dumping along, too. After taking 3 of 4 from the Astros, the Reds took 2 of 3 from the Cubs and then the Braves won a series 2-1 in Cincinnati. Micah Owings did some pitching yesterday in an 8-2 win.